by a married couple

  • For couples in a committed relationship
  • Couples wanting pre-marriage counseling
  • Married couples facing challenges

About Us

Who we are

Over the past 23 years, we have worked with men & women from across the globe – from different ethnic and religious groups, political parties, and sexual orientations. What all of these couples had in common was a desire to figure out how to grow and maintain a happy relationship. Over the span of our own marriage, we’ve had to work diligently to figure out how to achieve true fulfillment in our relationship and want to help you discover that too.

After years abroad in South Africa and Eastern Europe, we currently live in Monument, Colorado. Heather’s formal education includes a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, and Naas has a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Divinity.

Our Philosophy

Love is a skill

We believe love is a skill, not just an emotion. If you want to get good at loving, you have to go into training. Our coaching sessions will equip you with the very best exercises that will help your relationship function optimally. These exercises will help with fostering understanding, patience, forgiveness, humor, and resilience in the face of the many hurdles that arise when you try to live with someone else for the long term.

In our sessions, couples are guided to have particular conversations, analyze their feelings, explain parts of themselves to one another, and undertake rituals that clear the air and help recover hope and passion.

Contact us

For more info

Heather: 1 (719) 290-8793


Naas: 1 (719) 209-6508


We will send more details via email regarding session content, cost, and intake forms.

Apart from doing coaching over Zoom, we can also use Skype or simply talk over the phone.

Our Approach

Zoom sessions

One of the main reasons couples don’t seek help is because of time limitations and financial constraints. We’ve come up with an affordable and convenient way to receive couples coaching and support.

Using the Zoom platform in the comfort of our own homes, we will get to know each other and talk through your present relationship challenges. At the end of each session, you’ll be given assignments that will help you and your partner move deeper into the practice of loving well. Our goal is to help couples learn how to develop relationships that bring them the fulfillment they desire.

During this economic downturn, we are offering our coaching sessions on a “pay as you can afford” basis.

Pre-marriage Coaching

It's an advantage

Even the happiest and most prepared couples benefit from coaching. We can help you identify issues that will inevitably surface at some point in your marriage.

Here is an abbreviated list of some of the topics we often discuss with couples:

  • Goal setting and expectations for your marriage
  • Effects of upbringing on your future marriage
  • Religious beliefs & practices
  • Sexual preferences / intimacy expectations
  • Finances / How do you handle money?

We’ll help you discuss these topics in a calm and unrushed manner so that when a situation arises, you’ll both know what to expect.

The Ceremony

I can be your officiant

Every couple is unique and your ceremony should be too! We want you to feel confident and will help you create a ceremony that best reflects you. We have done it all:

A romantic ceremony in the park
An elegant ballroom wedding
Quirky backyard BBQ’s
Just you and your fiancée on a mountain top!

You name it… together we can make it happen! Pre-marriage coaching is not required for us to officiate your wedding.